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Client: Little Sweet Goodies

Little Sweet Goodies is an emerging confectionery bakery based in the Delft region. They set themselves apart by incorporating luxury cake fillings into their delightful range of baked goods, offering a unique and indulgent experience to their customers.

Services Provided by KSN Studios for Little Sweet Goodies:

For Little Sweet Goodies, KSN Studios conducted a comprehensive marketing analysis. Based on the insights gained, we developed a tailored strategy that aligned with their unique brand identity. This strategy was not only about positioning Little Sweet Goodies in the market but also about crafting content that resonates with their target audience. The content created was specifically designed for their social media channels, aiming to attract and engage customers with the allure of their luxury-filled baked goods. Our efforts focused on highlighting the uniqueness of their products and the premium quality of their ingredients, thereby setting Little Sweet Goodies apart in the competitive bakery sector. Through these initiatives, we aimed to bolster their online presence and foster a strong, recognizable brand image for this innovative confectionery startup.


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Every company has different needs. A Marketing Analysis examines which type of solution will deliver an effective result for your company. It requires creativity, strategic thinking and a creative approach to problem solving. We work together with our customers; listen carefully to their needs and turn their ideas into reality. KSN Studios has the expertise to guide you and help you develop a successful Marketing Strategy. With the latest and most efficient technologies, KSN Studios ensures that you achieve your goals and score higher online.


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