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Inform & Engage Customers with Email Marketing

It's not enough to have a well-designed, attractive website. If it's not accompanied by a strong, effective email marketing strategy, your overall conversion rates may suffer.

Whether you are already managing email marketing and have workflows and automations set up, or you are completely new to the space, KSN Studios, based in The Hague, has the expertise to drive your business growth. First, we look at your customer base and what other channels you are already using, then we create an email marketing strategy that is optimized for maximum conversions and return-on-investment (ROI).

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business, whether your goal is to engage with your audience or to promote your brand and increase sales. With emails, you can do many things like sell products, share some news, improve the abandonment rate of your shopping cart, or tell a story. Discover the power of marketing automation and how you can measure the success of your emails.

Customized Emails as Effective Marketing

Our email marketing designs, like all our services, are created with your customers in mind and how best to engage them. We use responsive email design to improve readability, A/B testing to determine the best approach, and ensure content is sent at the right time to the right people.

Whether you're holding a community newsletter to a few hundred people in the Netherlands or displaying e-commerce ads to tens of thousands around the world, our Email Marketing specialists can help you achieve the results you deserve.

Our agency has helped companies set up robust email e-commerce strategies to drive product launches, flash sales, and incentives that have generated thousands of sales and thousands of euros in additional revenue.

Sending a high-quality email design as a targeted EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) message directly to a potential customer's inbox is a fantastic opportunity to capture their attention. Deliver clear messages with email marketing and offer customers around the world a clear call to action.

Presentation is everything, when it's time to design your emails, we know exactly how to create eye-catching, clickable content that will generate immediate traffic.

Track Your Email Marketing Results in Real-Time

In our final step, we continuously study your results thoroughly and explore all the ways we can enhance your success. With our real-time email tracking tools, you can see who opens, clicks, and shares your emails.

For even more effective email marketing campaigns, you can segment contacts and create more targeted lists based on the content they click on.

Our Email Marketing Strategy

  • Identify the right target audience for your business.
  • Create a powerful strategy that is unique to your brand.
  • Achieve results through striking, efficient imagery.
  • Optimization means prioritizing.
  • Design through UX & UI Design.
  • Retain subscribers through detailed reporting.



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