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Marketing Analysis

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Our passion is increasing the impact of businesses and professionals in the field of Digital Marketing. Placing effective work in the right places so your target audience notices the value you can offer them. With years of experience in delivering services to award-winning companies, we make your business grow in your own niche and rank higher on Google.
We analyze your business, your market, and competitors. In addition, we will check Google and Social media and use this data to plan a strategy for your online growth. Gathering all this data from our analysis is an extremely important first step. This shows us where your business can grow and how we can implement this into a successful online marketing strategy. Having the right strategy to engage with your target audience is crucial. Knowing the needs of your target audience and how they behave online gives your strategy a solid foundation, because successful online growth starts with a good strategy.

Target Audience Analysis

Why is a target audience analysis so important for your Marketing? Customer satisfaction is the foundation of business success. To guarantee the highest possible customer satisfaction, it is necessary to find out detailed information about the market for a product or service with the help of a target audience analysis. We conduct our audience analysis to determine the four W's of our clients.


First, you want to know who your potential customers are. What are their ages, genders, education levels, professions, etc.?


You need to ask yourself what excites your potential customers. What are their interests, hobbies, and needs? Based on that, what kinds of products, services, and features are your potential customers interested in buying?


Find out when your customers are most likely to buy your products or services. Maybe they buy once, seasonally, or based on a subscription pattern. Or perhaps your customers only buy when something breaks or when they have a spontaneous desire for what you sell. You also need to know when your customers are most likely to view your marketing material. Are there certain times of the day that work best? Or are there locations or mediums that are more likely to attract your customers' attention?


You need to know where your customers are located. Where do they live? Where do they work? How large is the area where customers are located? What is the population in that area? Depending on what you sell, you also need to consider the climate.


If possible, find out why customers buy from you. Also find out why people buy from you instead of one of your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Why is it important to do a competitor analysis as part of your Marketing Analysis? A competitor analysis is crucial to your success as a business because it gives you the ability to quickly identify industry trends and adapt to competitor campaigns or strategies to keep your footing or completely outperform them.

To ensure that your online business is successful, you need to take a deep dive into the current competitive landscape.

Google Analysis

A Google analysis is a somewhat more technical part of your Marketing Analysis. Here we will look at keywords, competing websites, backlinks etc. Using a number of technical tools that we use at KSN studios in The Hague, we can see exactly how much search is done for businesses like your business. This is a big part of SEO optimization, however for the Marketing Analysis, we look at the basics of this.

Social Media Analysis The analysis of Social Media is a type of analysis that is prepared by examining the performance and images of competitors on social media. Although their data is public, compiling and analyzing it correctly requires the right tools and experience.

The biggest measure of success on social media is your position relative to your competitors in a competitive environment. Social media analysis is aimed at your competitors as a benchmark when evaluating your company's prospects on social media.

Strategy Planning With the help of the above Marketing Analyses, KSN studios can work with you to come up with an effective Marketing Strategy to penetrate or break through the market. Going into the online world prepared is always the most effective and efficient way.
Contact us to conduct a Marketing Analysis to know where your business is in the online world, how and where you can approach your customers and how your competitors have set themselves up online. So that you can respond to this.



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